Frequently Asked Questions

The Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches


Where does the Yearbook get its information?
Each religious group has an official representative authorized to make updates on-line.

Who is responsible for the Yearbook?
The Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB). While the National Council of Churches continues to provide invaluable help, ASARB is ultimately responsible for its production and on-line post.

How often is the data updated?
The authorized representative from each group may update its information at any time, and the latest information is immediately available on-line. Annual reminders are sent to each religious group to be sure that their listing is current.

Who has access to the Yearbook data?
Only the authorized representative from each group has access to change the Yearbook data for their group. Others can search, view, and print pages from the Yearbook but cannot change the data. Corrections and other suggestions should be directed to

Will we be able to get an actual book in the future?
Yes, but details are still being worked out. Any book will be clearly marked with the cut-off date used from the on-line database.

How can my group be included?
An official representative from your group should contact the Yearbook at for authorization to enter and maintain information for the group.