Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church

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Organization Information Record Year 2016

Name: Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church
Denomination type: Old Catholic Churches
Year Reporting: 2016
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Description: The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church (ACOC) is a communion of persons gathered for worship and public ministry outreach within the Christian Apostolic tradition. The ACOC is creedal, renewal-oriented, and is a part of the autocephalous (self-ruling) Old Catholic Movement, which has its origins in the ancient Catholic Church of the Netherlands. The immediate history of the Old Catholic churches comes out of the reform movement that took place after the First Vatican Council (1869-70). The ACOC maintains a friendly relationship with the Old Catholic Church in the Netherlands.

The bishops of the newly forming churches received episcopal consecration in valid Apostolic lines from the church of the Netherlands, based in Utrecht, which had been a fully autonomous Catholic church. These churches became known as "Old Catholic" in reference to their insistence upon return to the basic tenets of Apostolic Christianity, and as defined by the seven Ecumenical Councils of the undivided Eastern and Western Christian churches.
The Old Catholic independent church movement came to the United States as early as the 1880's. Bishop DeLandes Berghes, an Austrian nobleman, ordained and consecrated a bishop with valid Old Catholic Apostolic lines, was sent to North America in 1914. Two of the bishops he consecrated in 1916, Carmel Henry Carfora and William Francis Brothers, are from whom the ACOC derives its lines of Apostolic Succession.

The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church's governance is collegial and synodal, with clergy and lay persons sharing in its spiritual leadership and pastoral outreach, in the Spirit of Christ. Clerical celibacy (which is a matter of discipline) is optional among Old Catholics. In the ACOC, Holy Orders are open to both women and men, single or married. Graduate, Seminary and Clinical Pastoral education are required for candidates for ordination. Decisions pertaining to family planning are left to the conscience of married couples, through prayer and counseling.

Matters of faith in the Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church are the same as in other liturgical churches as formulated in the apostles and Nicene Creeds. The Offices of bishop, priest, and deacon exist for the service of spiritual leadership in facilitating expressions of life with God - in the celebration of the sacraments, counseling and pastoral care, teaching, and public advocacy of Gospel values. The sacraments are never denied to any person on grounds of gender, race, or marital status. The Holy Eucharist is the center of worship for the ACOC and all who are baptized are welcomed at the Lord's Table.

The Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church emphasizes the importance of the life of the church as community, that all may be one in Christ (John 17), through mutual helpfulness, ministering to one another and all creation in love, through the diversity of personal giftedness and sensitivity to the particular needs of those being served. The church values and promotes spiritually based, courageous, and compassionate ministry to both personal and global needs. Ongoing spiritual growth is to be nourished through sacred study and contemplative prayer. The ACOC values ecumenical dialogue as an expression of the life of the church.

Contact Information Record Year 2016

Address: 1900 St. James Place, Suite 880
Address line 2:
City: Houston
State: Texas
Zip Code: 77056-4125
Country: United States

Media Contact Record Year 2016

Phone: n/a
Email: n/a

Attesting Officer Record Year 2016

Name: The Most Rev. Diana Dale, D. Min, Ph.D.
Position: Presiding Bishop

Membership & Attendance Record Year 2016

Full Communicants: 1,375
Other Members: 2,650
Total Inclusive Members: 4,025
Total Churches: 7
Average Attendance: 0
Membership Calculation Method: Census

Clergy Record Year 2016

Serving Churches: 7
Other Service to the Church: 6
Retired: 7
Total Clergy: 20

Religious Education Record Year 2016

Total Schools: 0
Pupils: 0
Staff: 0
Total Individuals: 0

Finance Record Year 2016

Total Benevolences: $7,000.00
Total Giving Local Expense: $0.00
Total Financial: $700,000
Receipts/Expenditures: Expenditures